Better Living Through Liberty is a blog dedicated to advancing the understanding and endorsement of classical liberal, or libertarian, political thought and free market economics.  The purpose is to create a space where those who find themselves unfulfilled with the left/right political narrative can engage in a dialogue about the structure of society, predicated on the central tenets of  individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law.

Jonathan Rea is a high school chemistry teacher from the Bay Area in California.  He was first drawn to the liberty movement after beginning to follow Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in August, 2011.  After watching Peter Schiff’s testimony before the Congressional Sub-Committee on Regulatory Affairs & Fiscal Oversight from September 13, 2011, he realized that nearly all of the mismanagement and waste in Washington could be attributed to a collective lack of understanding of economics.  Thus began a quest of learning economics and sharing this vital knowledge with others.  You are the lucky recipient of that knowledge.